Ceramic Butt Vase

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It is ideal for a magnificent home decoration and office decoration. You can use the products with pleasure, there is no harm in terms of health. It is made entirely of organic materials.

It can be a gift for living room decoration. It can also be preferred as a home made flower vase. It is good for housewarming gift.

I hope this brings you happiness and luck.

The products we have prepared with care are presented to our customers.


Material: Pure Ceramic

Height 14cm
Width 8cm
Length 11cm
Caliber 3cm
Net weight 0.27kg
Gross weight 0.4k

Height 19cm
Width 12cm
Length 14.5cm
Caliber 4.5cm
Net weight 0.65kg
Gross weight 0.75k

Technique: Handmade

Packaging :Carton box + Foam + Bubble bag (very safe packing )