Ballin Birkin Mini Planter

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You are purchasing a hand crafted Basketball Planter. That is brand new, never used or played with. The planter has a 4.3” trim installed, that is best designed for plants potted in 4’’ pots.

An acrylic stand is included in your order.

Size 3 (22”)

Diameter 4”

Plant is not included

Ships in 2-3 days 

All sales are final

Care Tips

We suggest utilizing a plant with its own nursery pot to put inside the current planter. This will work best so you can remove the plant from the planter to water since there is no drainage system to the planter. Ensure that the water has depleted prior to setting the plant once again into the planter.


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Customer Reviews

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Really cute planter , my pothos is really rocking her birken haha ! Love this product 10/10