AJ1 Keychain

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This limited edition 3D key chain is one of the most detailed sneaker keychains on market and  gift for anyone!

Please advise 

  •  If you purchase 1 shoe, we will ship either left or right randomly, if you purchase1 pair (2 shoes), we will ship you 1 left 1 right and make it a pair.
  • All Keychains are handmade, designed and printed with high precision 3D printer and made of ABS Plastic.  2 1/2"(L) x 1" (W) x 2" (H)

Perfect for:

. Sneakerheads

. Gifts to sneaker freakers

. Your backpack, your keys etc.

. Matching your real J's

. People who loves those Air Jordan kicks but can't find/buy the real ones!